Adult MHFA (Wales) Instructor Training - 5 Day Course

  • Adult MHFA (Wales) Instructor Training - 5 Day Course

The first part of the MHFA (Wales) Instructor Training is the 12 hour Mental Health First Aid (Wales) course.

Participants attend the MHFA (Wales) course as ‘participants’ which is facilitated by National Instructors, and this provides them with an opportunity to watch ‘modelled best-practice delivery’ and also think about questions they may have been thinking about as potential instructors.

The Development Days provide an opportunity to deconstruct the MHFA (Wales) course and look at different aspects of the course, examining what tools, activities and materials there are for different sections. There will be feedback from National Instructors & peers. Alongside this there will be plenary sessions which will further assist the potential Instructor to develop their understanding of the background and context of MHFA (Wales) and how to present the course in different ways, connecting with different learning styles.

The Assessment Days provide an opportunity for the potential Instructor to demonstrate delivery of a certain aspect of the course. There will be a chance to receive feedback from National Instructors & peers. There will also be plenary sessions around equality & diversity and dealing with difficult participants, etc.

Following the MHFA (Wales) Instructor Training course, potential instructors will have to co-deliver two courses within 6 months as part of their approval as instructors. Usually participants on the course will partner up to do this and host courses within their organisations. The National Training Team then decide whether they will approve the person to co-deliver or solely deliver the course. You would then have to deliver another course within the next 6 months for your certification. Following this the Instructor has to deliver three courses per year to adhere to their licence agreement, which involves paying an annual licence fee. Instructors will also have to purchase manuals for participants from Training in Mind. 

To request an application pack for the MHFA (Wales) Training for Trainers course, please e-mail:

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